Takoda Spanish Mustangs is very proud to introduce to Australia the critically rare breed Spanish Mustang horse also known as the Colonial Spanish Horse or Spanish Barb.  Not to be confused with the wild BLM Mustang roaming the USA today, Spanish Mustangs are descendents of the Spanish horse bought to the new world by the Conquistadors.  They became the legendary war horse and buffalo hunters of the Native American Indians.   They will form a strong bond with their person as they did in the past, taking you on an incredible journey both inside and out.  They will bravely take you where other horses fear to tread and will go forth in a calm and sensible manner, taking pride in looking after their person.

Classically beautiful and showing a myriad of colours unique to the breed, these horses are the way mother nature intended the horse to be - tough, hardy, incredibly intelligent and calm of mind.  Come and meet ours today.  You will be hooked on your first encounter!

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