Importing the first Spanish Mustangs to Australia since 2009

  • Formerly known as Takoda Spanish Mustangs
  • 10 years extensive research of the Spanish Mustang breed ensuring our foundation horses are the highest quality and world class standard
  • Stringent breeding program with a focus on temperament & strong, sound, correct conformation
  • All horses registered with the foundation registry - Spanish Mustang Registry making them eligible for all other Spanish Mustang registries
  • Focusing on raising foals using gentle and empowering handling methods
  • Breeding with integrity



 In 2009 we imported the first Spanish Mustang to the Southern Hemisphere, a dunskin mare in foal to the exceptional stallion Renegade Shadow.  Indian Scout made such an impression that we have since then, traveled extensively throughout the USA handpicking some of the finest Spanish Mustangs available in the world today.  With a focus on strong, sound conformation, brave and highly trainable temperaments, we are pleased to be able to offer Spanish Mustangs of superior quality and type for the Australian market.  This critically endangered breed is not to be confused with the wild, free roaming BLM Mustang of the USA.  The Spanish Mustangs are descendents of the Conquistador horses bought to the New World in 1492.  They became the legendary war horse of the Native American Indians and today still retain the traits of great strength and soundness, extreme bravery and the desire to bond strongly to their person promising to take you on a phenomenal journey of adventure and spirit.

Foundation Stallion for Australia


Neosho (Azor x Lonesome Prairie)

Up & Coming Stallion Prospect


Willowvale Shooting Star

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